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Groundwater Ecology!

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The Institute for Groundwater Ecology (IGE) GmbH is a pioneer in the area of groundwater research. (IGE) specialises in all ecological aspects of applied groundwater research and associated issues.

Our work not is not limited to Germany (our homebase), and is equally relevant the world over: we have international experience as far abroad as Southeast Asia.

We offer professional advice and provide scientific services within the following areas:

Though our primary clientele are those responsible for the provision and distribution of the public water supply, our services are often required by organisations for nature conservation, public authorities and environmental planning agencies, and educational establishments.
We are also, of course, pleased to serve the needs and requirements of private clients.

We hope you find our website informative.
For further literature and updated information concerning all aspects of groundwater habitats, as well as many links to specialist colleagues and other relevant organisations, please visit Publications and Info-GW

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