The Company

Initially a working group concentrating on groundwater ecology was established in 1999 at the Landau Campus of the University of Koblenz-Landau. This working group developed with time, and eventually in 2003, the Institute for Groundwater Ecology was established.
We are a team of biologists, geographers and ecologists. We are engaged with all aspects of groundwater ecology and proffer solutions to problems.
We have been engaged with numerous research projects, and are consequently known in Korea and Australia, as well as in Europe, for our professional involvement with groundwater ecological research and appliance.

We regard a responsibility to the planet, mankind and nature as the basis of our assignment. This is reflected by our policy statement.


Dr. Hans Jürgen Hahn (Managing Director)
Biologist, Associated professor

Dr. Sven Berkhoff

Dr. Andreas Fuchs

Dr. Dirk Matzke
Ecologist & agricultural engineer

Dr. Holger Schindler

Freelance Specialists

Simon Gutjahr
Teacher (Biology, Geography)

Cornelia Spengler

Heide Stein