Policy statement

The Institute for Groundwater Ecology (IGE) has evolved at the Landau Campus of the University of Koblenz-Landau.
The mandate of the IGE encompasses applied research of groundwater ecology, consultation and advanced vocational training.
This is reflected by the considerable amount of externally funded research in Germany and abroad, as well as numerous projects in co-operation with water utility companies and public authorities.

The intention of the IGE is to make a positive contribution to the protection of natural habitats and ecology, together with the preservation of biological diversity, services of ecosystems and economical exigency. By applied research on ecosystem management of groundwater, springs and the hyporheic zone we aim to reach professional fundamentals. Furthermore, we try to find feasible solutions.

Only entities which are understood can be protected and used. The successful impartment of experience-based knowledge to the general public, to science and politics, and to experts within organisations for nature conservation and water economy, is the measure of our achievement.

Our colleagues and clientele are those having as their ultimate responsibility, nature protection, the communities and the environment. To these bodies and individuals goes our whole-hearted support, exemplified by our commitment, the highest attention to quality and superlative standards in all respects.

Our personnel are the key to our success.
Their commitment and professionalism fill our policy statement with life.