Springs are valuable habitats, protected in Germany under the Federal environmental protection law (BNatschG) and the EU Flora-Fauna-Habitat directive. Springs harbour a unique and highly adapted flora and fauna and, in central Europe alone, provide a specialised habitat to approximately 500 animals and 50 plants. However, almost all springs are impaired or have been marred to an extent, and some even virtually destroyed. This fact has been supported by the results of studies and investigations in Rhineland-Palatinate (southwest Germany), as shown on the map of evaluated springs.

However, the protection and revitalisation of springs continues to become an increasingly important factor in the quest for biotope and species protection in general. The German federal state Rhineland-Palatinate (southwest Germany) manages an internet site providing comprehensive information about the evaluation of springs and their protection, as well as a downloadable database of springs to be found in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Springs reflect their catchment area very well, and provide valuable information about catchment conditions, and thus the resulting groundwater quality.

Furthermore, the study of springs can demonstrate some of the suspected consequences of climatic change, such as increases in water temperature and of groundwater communities.

We offer professional advice and service on all aspects of springs and their protection to public authorities, their environmental planning agencies, and to independent environmental organisations.

Our strenghts:

  • Maintenance & development strategy for springs
  • Revitalisation of springs
  • Impact assessment
  • Analysis of macro-zoo.benthos and meiofauna in springs
  • Floristic analysis
  • Assessment of the spring structure following the STRUKA- procedure for rivers
  • Assessment of hydrochemistry and hydrology
  • Assessment of further environmental factors

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