Groundwater monitoring & wetlands management.

The prognosis of the implications caused by impacts on groundwater is of considerable interest for the authorisation of groundwater tapping, geothermic facilities or mining etc. However, the complexity of the environment cannot be represented in detail satisfactorily by current hydrological and hydrogeological models.

Biotopes, especially wetlands, react with an enormous time lag to changes in water balance.
By the time any changes become apparent, protected wetlands are already strongly impaired. An early warning system is required, which can indicate changes in the hydrological situation with minimal delay.

Such an early warning system can be realised by groundwater fauna analysis. Groundwater communities react quickly to changes in their habitat hydrology, and so provide a good indication of changes of local hydrological conditions.

We offer our practical experience, professional advice and services to water utility companies, public authorities, environmental planning agencies and organisations for nature conservation.
Our engagement will help answer any queries related to groundwater monitoring and impact intention with regard to Environmental regulations and nature protection.

Our strengths:

  • Development, organisation and realisation of monitoring programs for the assessment of site hydrology at waterworks
  • Ecological evaluation of groundwater impacts (e.g. ground-water tapping)
  • Estimation of hazards for wetlands and springs
  • Ecological evaluation of abandoned polluted areas

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